Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oblivion Adventures; Episode 2

This isn't as much play time because I'll play a thirty minute period every other day then write about my exploits. So here is episode two. Also it's shorter because I don't have the intro here.

    So leaving off. I retreated to my underground boat abode and slept until night. I had learned while exploring Anvil of some tormentor in the local Chapel. So like any good quester, I went to investigate. Upon trying to enter I was approached by a guard who told me not to go in unless I have a strong stomach. I blew him off like a boss and walked through those doors. Sore enough pew were thrown abroad, and I found two dead bodies. Presumably priests in this chapel. One female was lying in the alter that the chapels center around bathing in her own blood. I looted from them their keys to the doors below. I first went into the previous holy people's quarters. I found it odd that taking things from this room would be considered stealing, seeing as they are dead as dead can be. But nonetheless I did not take anything, except for maybe some gold. Ironic? Nope, just profitable. That three gold could maybe get me somewhere later! I also found a VERY expensive book that gave me a bonus to my Conjuration magic skill when opened. I did not take it despite it's 200 gold estimated worth. Part of the reason why I didn't take it was also because books are pretty durn heavy. So anyway I exited the late priest's quarters after trampling atop the set table full of food. I entered the crypt below and spotted a ghost's projectile aimed straight for my cloth clad self in the corner of my view and quickly moved aside and watched as the bolt of ectoplasm floated by. I realized I wasn't in much danger. I put on my iron armor and equipped my silver axe and went to town on the ghosts brain things. I turned and found three or four more ghosts approaching and figured I should be more of a battle mage, as that is my class. I switched my spell over to summon skeleton and he was a pretty popular punching bag among the restless souls. I tried a few of the touch spells I had on the back-turned ghosts to figure out for the second time they resist nature effects. My only unnatural spell is entropic touch, at a whopping 5 damage. So once my skeleton crumbled back into bits I hacked away at these ghost's head things also.

    There was nothing else to be had in the crypt, so I exited the chapel. I pranced around the city in the dead of rainy night in order to find a hobo's sleeping area but was not so lucky. So I proceeded to utilize the game's wait function for eight in game hours to come to ten in the morning. I found the preacher that the quest so eloquently described in it's description and after skipping every word he said and restating the same dialogue choices several times, I got the next section of the quest. Apparently I had to go pray at all NINE wayshrines spread out through ALL of Cyrodiil. Jesus god, that explains the quest name "Religious Pilgrimage". I'm going to be really mad if I haul ass around the entire map only to receive a shitty unfurnished living space again. I recalled the wayshrine right outside of Anvil, so set my sights there first. Of course with this quest I did not get any actual markers on my map, but rather a note in my misc. inventory with a drawn map and nine dots. So not only do I have to run all around the map, but I also have to guess the approximate location of each actual wayshrine. I'm pretty mad, but not to the point of quitting, so I ventured forth. I exited the gates nearest me to find the ocean and the entire wrong side of the city I needed to be on. My horse was in the stables which were at the front gates. I pranced and jumped and damn near flew over to the stables and mounted up and started off. The white horse of Anvil was a great improvement over the old armored nag of the Imperial City, or at least so it seemed. Probably a placebo horse. But anyway, I got to the wayshrine and got the first blessing of the Nine. Eight more to go woohoo! I refferenced to the maps and found the closest one next was right outside of Skingrad. It was daytime now and I didn't feel like waiting in the wilderness so I set off towards Kvatch. I knew of the current state so breezed by the weeping villagers on my white pony. Haters gonna hate. I found some weird camp with a guy dressed in some necromancer looking robes a bit outside of Kvatch and was also attacked by an asston of wolves. I got off my horse and tried using my enchated blade I got from helping a lady out in Anvil with her boat problem. My intention was to hit the sorcerer guy or his ghost or one of the three wolves all now attacking my horse. I missed and ended up hitting my horse who recieved a red aura from the spell. Shit. So this was all out horse murder/manslaughter of a prime white mare I just bought with almost all of my gold. As it turned out, horses don't like being sliced, clawed, and bitten by my enemies and with one buck with his front lengths dispatched all of them from their lives. I rested until dark in the nearby bed sheet.

   I fast traveled while on my horse to the Skingrad stables and galloped my way over to the approximate location of the wayshrine without much problems besides a bandit and his ghost slave that died with him.

   And basically that was all I did tonight. It is more detailed to cover for the lack of things I actually did but whatevz, hope you enjoy. WAY more to come.

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  1. I've actually never tried Oblivion, which is stupid as I'm a huge RPG fan. After reading this I'm quite interested in it...