Saturday, June 18, 2011

Podcast for PVK2 cont'd

MMMM the monotony of my voice. It gives the info though. blah blah blah

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer finally

Today mark the semi official start to summer. And I'm doing absolutely nothing to celebrate.
I think with all this extra free time I'll try to find some neat projects to do and put some information about them up here. I'll share any tech experiences I have involving my server, any concerts I go to, and blah blah blah. Help me retain interest by showing some interest in this stuff!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Source Mods

I just figured out that there is a wonderful world of virtually free games out there, all based on everyone's favorite engine by Valve! Many, including the game I shall review now, are still in development.

Here is my review of the first game I played for a few hours last night, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2

ohh shiiii

Basically the game captures all of our childhood dreams and throws them on a special modification of the source engine. What can go wrong? Well firstly the community that plays it tends to either be prepubescent boys probably masturbating over the fact that they can be a pirate, viking, or knight all in one game, or really hard core gamers who have mastered every mechanic of the game. 

The factions and classes
   There are three factions, each evident from the title of the game. Pirates, vikings and knights you daft man. Each faction has it's advantages and disadvantages. The thing I found though is that not just one faction is ALWAYS over powering the other. In an arena game mode for instance, Pirates with their speed were able to dominate the vikings and knights, until the vikings and knights decided to concentrate on the pirates first then each other. Here is an amateur's break down of the classes and their pros and cons.

    The pirates
Sup dawg
These slippery bastards are fast as hell and are generally a problem for all their opposition if played correctly. There are two classes for pirates in the current beta, The Captain and the Skirmisher.

   The captain is slightly slower than the Skirmisher, but has a bit more power. He has a cutlass, blunderbuss, and hook/parrot at his disposal. Usually the captains game plan is chuck the parrot, run away. The parrot will find the closest enemy and peck and bug them until it is either chopped by the enemy or the target dies. The blunderbuss is not extremely accurate and is comparable to a shotgun. The reload time is slow for this gun. The cutlass is agile albeit under powered.

  The Skirmisher has a Cutlass, Flintlock pistol, and A POWDER KEG to use at will. The Cutlass is as would be suspected, quick, low damage, not very easy to block with. The flintlock pistol holds six shots at a time and is very accurate. The bullet usually goes where you point to. The reload time isn't extremely slow but takes some cover or running away. The powder keg takes ages to light and you can hold it in your dear arms until it explodes if you see it so fit. The fuse is always too long when you need it to explode soon and too short when you need it to explode later. It could be used to clear heavy concentrations of pirates vikings and knights alike however, as the damage is pretty high. Another aspect to the Skirmisher is their speed. They are the fastest class yet in the beta and can run circles around all their enemies.

Stay tuned for the rest of the factions and classes.

Final Finals

Ich habe zwei Prufungen heute. Einen fur Deutsches Classe. Ich muss nur Deutsch sprechen zu lernen!! Es hat viel Fragen, zwei hundert Ich finde. Wünsche mich Glück!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Env. Sci. Final result

Got a 97%

awwwhhh yeah

Finals day 3 or 4

Whatever day it is, I don't expect it to be very hard. Today I only have exams in College Prep classes. World History and a very simple economics type class. Tomorrow I have German two then Honors English. Wünsche mich glück!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Shoes

Just got these 35 dollar ninja looking slipper shoe things from Urban Outfitters. They're recycled, though I forget the exact percent of recycled material they use. They are comfy, I'm just not sure whether I should or should not be wearing socks with them. What do you think?

Kellin Quinn

Kellin and Me
Shufffling through my music library I came across this song:
Say what you like, this guy is my favorite singer. He also beatboxes which is pretty awesome in my opinion. My buddy battled him at the concert where that picture was taken. He got owned. lulz.

Honors Environmental Science Final

Pretty easy. As he told us, the questions were exactly the same as the tests we took throughout the year. So I just had to look back at all the tests while filling in the study guide last night, and everything stuck. Only a few questions were iffy, but overall it was pretty easy. The open ended questions were very enjoyable. I also had creative writing today, in which we had a party and watched Up. A good day at school.

Monday, June 13, 2011

panaroma of my room with the hammock!

I took this with a free app on my phone, while sitting at my desk. Quality is not perfect but the idea can be gotten.

You most certainly will want to click to enlarge.

Math Final

I had a final for honors geometry today. The test was rather excruciating. I lost my TI-34 calculator which is easily capable of printing exact answers so I borrowed a TI-84 from a friend. I was forced to simplify any and all radicals manually and it took a good amount of time, as i never have to do that. I cam upon the law of cosines problems and was entirely lost. Luckily it was multiple choice so I just guessed any old letter. Overall I feel like I got a solid 80% on that, at least. The final grade gets curved though. So a 70 can get curved to a 75. I'm not entirely sure how the curve works but I guess I never will be. Environmental science and creative writing tomorrow. Gotta write some stories!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Game of Thrones: Baelor


Minecraft Earth

Oh cool a picture of the earth, you may have said to yourself. Look closer. Look closer still. That is no earth, that is a minecraft world. "One block is one nautical mile" quoth the creator and sharer of this epic creation. The only drawback that isn't a huge problem is the fact that in minecraft, maps aren't round. So to get to Japan from the spawn point in Western North America, you'd have to travel due East for a considerable amount of time. I'm considering replacing my server's map with this beauty, at the discretion of my server owner. Stick around for updates on this beauty!

Also find the forum post here:

Game of thrones update

It's coming on in 8 minutes! Major prep to do for the show. Let's check my hypothesis. Updates afterwards, or tomorrow :D

In place of a bed...

I will have this. My back will be arced eternally after many a hour of sleep in this. It will however give me alot more room space in my tiny tiny four walls.

Lazy Lazy Sunday

Again, nothing planned for today but study, study, study. I have a math final tomorrow then I can leave. Gotta get cracking on studying this review packet!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Come play tribes with us!

Server name: Yehlyre!

Come on in! the more the merrier

Tribes 2!

I found it! I'll be running a server up soon. Stay posted and come join after I install!

Minecraft Trial

So we have a suspect griefer that we are putting on trial at 7 PM EST tonight. Feel free to come and watch the proceedings. The more the much more merrier. Epic lulz will ensue!


Well it's Saturday and I have nothing planned. I'll probably just fudge around on the computer all day, so there might be many a new posts. Stick around the rest of the day :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Finals -Health


Game of thrones

Possible spoiler alert though these are just my opinions.

If you have been watching the series then you are probably flipping out in anticipation as I am. Basically asking wtf happens next. Now I have no clue what will actually happen next because I never read the novel but here is my prediction;

Ned Stark will not be able to escape from prison on his own. Obviously. Hence the war his son has launched against the Lanaster's. His son (Robert?) Stark will attempt to take the bridge in order to defend the river folk from the Lanasters. He will fail however and be forced to retreat north. In the North bran will advise his elder brother of what the northern prisoner said about giants north of the wall and whatnot. Robert will see this as a good opportunity since it seems the wildmen north of the wall are attempting to migrate south, hence their prisoner. He will go north of the wall with a small party and leave the army in what's left of the hands of that Guy who had his fingers bitten off by the dire wolf, making him semi-main character. Meanwhile the dalthraki forces across the narrow sea are building. The dragon baby inside the last targarian churns. Drogo is still major pissed off. Eventually Robert will attack from the north with his expanded army and at the same time drogo's men will mount their wooden horses and cross the narrow sea, and under the khaleesi's orders, lay waste to the lanasters. The targarian/dalthraki boy will be instated as rightful king and the starks will return to winterfel. Happily ever after.
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I have the first of my 8 finals today. It's in health, so I'm not flipping out yet. I have a math final coming up on Monday. Now that is making me ache a little bit. Gotta get through this review packet!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oblivion Adventures; Episode 2

This isn't as much play time because I'll play a thirty minute period every other day then write about my exploits. So here is episode two. Also it's shorter because I don't have the intro here.

    So leaving off. I retreated to my underground boat abode and slept until night. I had learned while exploring Anvil of some tormentor in the local Chapel. So like any good quester, I went to investigate. Upon trying to enter I was approached by a guard who told me not to go in unless I have a strong stomach. I blew him off like a boss and walked through those doors. Sore enough pew were thrown abroad, and I found two dead bodies. Presumably priests in this chapel. One female was lying in the alter that the chapels center around bathing in her own blood. I looted from them their keys to the doors below. I first went into the previous holy people's quarters. I found it odd that taking things from this room would be considered stealing, seeing as they are dead as dead can be. But nonetheless I did not take anything, except for maybe some gold. Ironic? Nope, just profitable. That three gold could maybe get me somewhere later! I also found a VERY expensive book that gave me a bonus to my Conjuration magic skill when opened. I did not take it despite it's 200 gold estimated worth. Part of the reason why I didn't take it was also because books are pretty durn heavy. So anyway I exited the late priest's quarters after trampling atop the set table full of food. I entered the crypt below and spotted a ghost's projectile aimed straight for my cloth clad self in the corner of my view and quickly moved aside and watched as the bolt of ectoplasm floated by. I realized I wasn't in much danger. I put on my iron armor and equipped my silver axe and went to town on the ghosts brain things. I turned and found three or four more ghosts approaching and figured I should be more of a battle mage, as that is my class. I switched my spell over to summon skeleton and he was a pretty popular punching bag among the restless souls. I tried a few of the touch spells I had on the back-turned ghosts to figure out for the second time they resist nature effects. My only unnatural spell is entropic touch, at a whopping 5 damage. So once my skeleton crumbled back into bits I hacked away at these ghost's head things also.

    There was nothing else to be had in the crypt, so I exited the chapel. I pranced around the city in the dead of rainy night in order to find a hobo's sleeping area but was not so lucky. So I proceeded to utilize the game's wait function for eight in game hours to come to ten in the morning. I found the preacher that the quest so eloquently described in it's description and after skipping every word he said and restating the same dialogue choices several times, I got the next section of the quest. Apparently I had to go pray at all NINE wayshrines spread out through ALL of Cyrodiil. Jesus god, that explains the quest name "Religious Pilgrimage". I'm going to be really mad if I haul ass around the entire map only to receive a shitty unfurnished living space again. I recalled the wayshrine right outside of Anvil, so set my sights there first. Of course with this quest I did not get any actual markers on my map, but rather a note in my misc. inventory with a drawn map and nine dots. So not only do I have to run all around the map, but I also have to guess the approximate location of each actual wayshrine. I'm pretty mad, but not to the point of quitting, so I ventured forth. I exited the gates nearest me to find the ocean and the entire wrong side of the city I needed to be on. My horse was in the stables which were at the front gates. I pranced and jumped and damn near flew over to the stables and mounted up and started off. The white horse of Anvil was a great improvement over the old armored nag of the Imperial City, or at least so it seemed. Probably a placebo horse. But anyway, I got to the wayshrine and got the first blessing of the Nine. Eight more to go woohoo! I refferenced to the maps and found the closest one next was right outside of Skingrad. It was daytime now and I didn't feel like waiting in the wilderness so I set off towards Kvatch. I knew of the current state so breezed by the weeping villagers on my white pony. Haters gonna hate. I found some weird camp with a guy dressed in some necromancer looking robes a bit outside of Kvatch and was also attacked by an asston of wolves. I got off my horse and tried using my enchated blade I got from helping a lady out in Anvil with her boat problem. My intention was to hit the sorcerer guy or his ghost or one of the three wolves all now attacking my horse. I missed and ended up hitting my horse who recieved a red aura from the spell. Shit. So this was all out horse murder/manslaughter of a prime white mare I just bought with almost all of my gold. As it turned out, horses don't like being sliced, clawed, and bitten by my enemies and with one buck with his front lengths dispatched all of them from their lives. I rested until dark in the nearby bed sheet.

   I fast traveled while on my horse to the Skingrad stables and galloped my way over to the approximate location of the wayshrine without much problems besides a bandit and his ghost slave that died with him.

   And basically that was all I did tonight. It is more detailed to cover for the lack of things I actually did but whatevz, hope you enjoy. WAY more to come.

Google Chromebook

Official Information Site

Next Big Thing, but small

    Imagine an operating system that is JUST a web browser. And not just a web browser, but Google Chrome, virtually the best browser available. Google has produced whole netbooks with this concept in mind, and for a hefty price on the users. Going as low as $300, everyone is probably wondering if these things are worth it. I don't have one, but I would say that is based entirely on how you use your computer. If you are on the web all the time, then your pretty much ARE already using a chromebook, just not entirely optimized for that sole purpose. I personally would not get one of these for $300 because I <3 my windows and I <3 my games. So is it worth it? If you are the average mac hating android phone using joe, then sure, why not? Now you have something to flaunt back in your mac friend's faces. I'm never against things Google makes. They provide plenty a web apps to let you be entirely productive on this machine, and it'd be a pretty nifty investment.

   Of course you could try to buy a netbook at $200 and dual boot between this Chrome OS and Windows. I mean that is what I would do.

High-End Gaming PC | Hardware Revolution

High-End Gaming PC | Hardware Revolution

Because, well, Reblogging is a lot easier than being creative.

The Original World's Cheapest Optical Mousepad

The Original World's Cheapest Optical Mousepad

I found this pretty funny, and actually useful! I am about to go print this out now. Also the author made me pretty sad, so props to you man. This is great.


Skyrim interview at E3. Oh god , oh god I may be in shock.


"Happiness is given way too much importance these days. Why not go for greatness?"
A healthy dose of inspiration for the day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oblivion Adventures; Episode 1

    I have the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the computer, so fittingly it is pretty well modded. I don't have any entire game overhauls, but enough that the game doesn't really play the same as it did on Xbox. I played through and beat the game a few times on the console version around the time it came out. So now, in anticipation for Skyrim to come, I'm spinning up a new game. I'm almost entirely unsure of what mods I actually have, so playing it through is surprising. Here is the beginning of my journey.

    One of the mods I was aware of altered the intro to the game, and replaced the dungeon crawl with a boat entry into Tamriel. I was greeted with the ugly stock human face of the vanilla game that would soon be my character. I got a mod that adds new races to the game, looking to spice up the whole roleplaying aspect from the all-too-familiar vanilla experience. I cycled through the new races, taking note of the oh-so-slight differences between the male and female renditions of the characters. It turns out the lips are the same succulent soup coolers on both models. And the hair looked like it came straight from a Norwegian black metal band. Not at all what I was familiar with. I was reading the descriptions included with each race until I got to "Night Elves" with purple eyes and it said something about Azeroth. This made me question the originality of the author and I abandon reading them. Now I planned on my character being a vampire because I got a mod that overhauls and optimizes the vanilla vampirism system. I eventually decided on the race of Void Walker, a pale being with a scarred face and earrings. The hair didn't shed much light onto the state of my character's alleged sexuality but it wasn't entirely bad. After a few clicks of the random button I was able to get semi masculine looking features. Next was the hair. All were either long or girly fashion. I picked what I thought to be a good median between the two. Lastly was the name. I dubbed him Zalgo, as this creature has plain bright white eyes.

    I was then relinquished from the creation screen and was in a windowless room on what I presumed to be the intro boat. When trying to exit through the door, I was told I should probably rest first. But before resting, I spun all the way around and took two steps forward in my cell of a room and found a desk with pots and bowls and Immigration papers. I opened the papers and was able to change my race again(god no) choose my birth sign, Class, and prior history. I picked the mage or similar for birth sign, and the predefined class of battle mage. My prior history revolved around me being of nobility and immigrating to Tamriel in order to explore and adventure new lands. I had the choice to start off inflicted with the vampire disease whose Latin name escapes me. I then chose to arrive in the Imperial City, to reflect some withstanding of the vanilla game. On completion I drifted into the bed beside me and "woke up" in the harbor district of the Imperial City.

   The harbor was just as I remembered it. The Nirnroot at the end of the dock, the posters for the grey fox. Everything. I picked up my things from the bag beside my feet. I had no armor but instead posh clothing and jewelry and a sword for nobility purposes I guessed. The main item of import was not the Amulet of Kings, which wasn't in the bag, but instead a whopping 4500 gold right off the bat. That made me pretty happy. Immediately I went to the left side of the dock when facing away from the city. I remembered the rag-tag group that loitered around their boat down that way and was thirsting for blood. I jumped like a leopard with wings onto their boat and combat was initiated upon the intrusion. After several parries, I cut them down and looted their corpses without a single glance from any of the locals walking by.
    Next up I read my available quests and was interested in the mainline. Or what resembled the main line. It said i had dreamed of Uriel Septim and thought I might find some sort of amulet in a rat in the sewers. I had to run around the perimeter of the city because I didn't know I could only fast travel at night now. I stopped at the Chestnut Stables outside the gates of the city and inquired the female orc owner about horse armor. After some obscure dialog choices I was able to get a free albeit slow horse with armor out of the lady. Woohoo free horse. I rode this the short distance to the sewers and entered them. I slaughtered a rat and looted the Amulet of Kings from its small intestine. Woohoo, the fate of Tamriel is now in my hands! I knew from the dream that I had to take the amulet to Geoffry or whoever so I did so and got the quest to go into Kvatch.

   Nearby the residence of the Geoffry, there was another quest concerning a castle of some sort. The description basically said if I kill the marauders, the castle will be mine. I rode my trusty old nag north a bit and encountered several marauders. I ended their lives with a mixture of magic and a broadsword to their respective faces. I entered the gates and found the previous lord dead on the ground. I felt no pity, because now his clothes, armor, weapons, and deed to the castle were now mine. I took them and pranced like a gazelle on steriods to examine my spoils. The entire estate was empty, or rather not filled with anything useful or valuable. I learned that now the keep was mine, I had to furnish it on my own funds. So alas the spoils were more of a burden. But I did however get an awesome suit of armor from the previous lord. I looted the rest of the dead guards and bid my remaining though near-dead guards good morrow as I pranced down the hill towards my horse.

   By the time I had finished fiddling around in the castle, the sun had fallen below the horizon. I could fast travel now! So I read through some more of my quests and found another about a hostile takeover of some more property. It had to do with pirates or something so I fast traveled over to Anvil and started splashing around in the waters surrounding the castle looking for the cave entrance so I could claim my second abode. I found a door with some rare flowers outside at the base of the south-eastern cliff of the castle, semi submerged in water. I went in there and learned that the castle actually has a secret escape route through that door from the kings chambers. I followed the other path and sure enough came upon an ex pirate ship now torn asunder in a large cavern. There were skeletons walking around aimlessly here, and they were entitled (not exactly) crew members of the ship. I parried, slashed, cast, and ran around in circles until their health points were at zero. A pity I only found bonemeal on them. Anyway I proceeded into what used to be the ship's captain's quarters to find a rather tough skeleton that was not very easy to confront in the small room. I exited that room and ran around in circles hacking and slashing until he was a heap of bones. I then went back into the room and read the journals of the once human skeleton captain. I don't quite remember his name, but I learned that he was a great pirate and was thwarted by mages and trapped down there forever and eventually became a skeleton. My quest updated, stating I could now use these caves as a base of operations, but would again have to purchase with my own gold furnishings and things. God dammit!

    While in anvil I decided I needed a new horse and bought one of the white mares there with the 4000 of the gold I came with and was left with 1000. I had gotten 500 from just randomly jumping around and picking up gold I suppose.
   And that leads me up to where I am currently.

Holy crap that is a mega post and really no one is going to read it. But alas, I was bored. Expect more periodic episodes, probably not in as much detail as this. But if you actually read it I'm sure it was pretty fun. I did have fun writing it.

You know what to do below the post. Thanks if you actually made it this far.

Introducing Dave

I gave my buddy the ability to post some of his rants on here. Expect some new material written about god knows what on here soon. Check it out in the near future. Thanks all.

Rant 1

I have a very extensive rant. This rant talks about how little of Hot pockets and bagel bites in a package. How in God's name will it satisfy a family with only nine bagel bites, and two hot pockets. They're so yummy, and so convenient. Only about two minutes in the microwave, and then you're done. But tomorrow if I want one, I can't, because they're all gone. I know about the family pack. I can eat a family pack in one day. To conclude, I think Hot Pockets and Bagel Bites should supply more servings.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My gadgets/hardware

Here is a brief, unorganized list of my stuff;

 Asus Laptop (too lazy to find actual model name blah blah)
  I got it around 3 years ago or something. Shpecs:
   CPU: Duo T6600
   Display: 14"
   Optical Disk Drive: DVD blah blah
   Wireless chipset: 802.11n
   OS: Win7 Professional 32 bit
   Memory: 4GB
   GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD4670; 1GB VRAM

 Korg Kaossilator Pro (More info)
   Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer / Loop Recorder
    Makes sounds and records them and tracks them.

 HTC Droid Incredible with Android OS

 Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-220
   Whatevz, it's keys.

What gear do you readers have? 

The Sixty one dot com

This website is really awesome for indie music lovers. It provides a great way to discover more music based on what your friends like, what the entire community likes, or what just one person likes. Oh and you can do quests based on listening to music. It's really fun and worth giving a try if you haven't already.

Awesome quote and maybe rant

"Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not"

I think this pretty much explains my theory on life and death. Basically when we are alive we don't worry about death because it hasn't come, but when we are dead, we don't worry about death because we are no longer living.

Comment your thoughts belowzors!

Minecraft server is back and updated!

- a flat or isometric view of the minecraft world in realtime

If you enjoy my blog and enjoy minecraft, why not come play on my server with me? It's unlike any other server you probably played on. We have an economy system with ingame currency and a huge metropolis in the center of the map. Or if you like a more vanilla experience you can venture out into the wilderness. If you go far enough, you're bound to never be disturbed. This server is really great and all my patrons love it. Come join.

There is a sort of white listing system. You have to email us an application in order to have build rights. Until you are confirmed, feel free to walk around and look at all the stuff.

To all mine followers,,

If you even bother to read these, and I'm not following you back, post your link below :D

Pre-purchase Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 on Steam

Pre-purchase Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 on Steam

Oh man. I can't wait for this. I have many a real Magic: The Gathering cards, but am way too lazy to go through every single one and try to get a good deck out of them. If you don't know what Magic: The Gathering is, check this link out:

New Wii Controller

So this is the new Wii Controller, dubbed Wii-U, from E3.

It isn't as much of a gimick as the Wii itself as it could be useful. But I just don't know if Nintendo can ever be considered a serious gaming system anymore. I don't think they will change the family oriented aspect of their new things because of the profit in this market. The wii was the best selling system at launch compared to others. I mean, I don't really care as I never even played the Zelda games or owned a Nintendo system other than the Wii.

Post your opinions in the comments below!

Confirmation: It is in fact, a Weiner ~ LinksZee

Confirmation: It is in fact, a Weiner ~ LinksZee

Honestly I don't think this should be allowed to scar the guy's reputation.

New Video Game Dueling Idea

So basically this guy hates twitch gameplay, or mechanics geared towards "hyperactive 13-year-olds with awesome reflexes". He is for replacing the health bar with a focus bar, adding a stamina bar, and adding large emphasis on positional gameplay when it comes to duels in games. If you ever played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic then you probably noticed how your opponents had a rag or metal armor or really anything that wouldn't constitute as "lightsaber protection", yet it still took many more than one hit to cut them in half with your high energy beam of light. This doesn't make much sense, and this different idea on how to execute swordplay in video games is well worth the read. I really hope to see a game come out soon with this implemented.

Full Source Article Here

Mario and Luigi

Sitting in the hot gym instead of the cafeteria on a half day because elections are being held in there presently. Lolz Mario gained a few years.

Zomgz Followers!!

With some real people coming in here I should probably start posting some things of even the slightest of import. It's 6:40 am and I have to catch the bus in 20 minutes but I'll have a few posts later today. Also, as requested by Heather, here are a few of the pictures included in the 7zip archive of my collected wallpapers;

A few examples of quotes and Typography

This one made by me.

A few examples of everything else

more shameless self promotion! I made this one also

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wallpaper galore nig nog
Teh link to over 9000 (EDIT: Tis a hyperbole, only about 400 in this 7zip I think) wallpapers I have collected over many a hours. I made several but most were found via wallbase or /wg/ or just downloaded a pack. It's not huge, granted but more than none.

I'm in the band!

My friendzor ConCon asked me to do percussion via my synth for his small indie folk group; Communist Gebhardt and the Connor Party. As stuff gets going along, and anything made doesn't sound bad, I'll post what I can on here. I mean, if you're into that kind of stuff, all none of you.

Blog post number zwei

Lez be honest up in this shiznit. One of the main purposes of this whole blog is to get myself some sort of revenue. The adverts all around here are my own and will give me le money. Let it be known I am not soliciting clicks, I'm jussayin. I will however let this site be a sort of diary/journal/portfolio thingy, like tumblr but not gay. I'll reblog stuff from other blogs and blog my own stuff. I do write things and am in creative writing currently, so maybe a few short stories or poems will find their ways on here. That is all, thanks to all none of you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Le Joining le Blogger

SO, it seems having a peice of interwebs that is semi-mine would be overall beneficial to all of my escapades. I could just host my very own site on my home server, but alas it'd be slow and still have the dyndns .doesntexist extension to it, making it teh gay. I do use this server for minecraft though. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. no you can't know it. Lorem Ipsum herp derp.