Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minecraft server is back and updated!

- a flat or isometric view of the minecraft world in realtime

If you enjoy my blog and enjoy minecraft, why not come play on my server with me? It's unlike any other server you probably played on. We have an economy system with ingame currency and a huge metropolis in the center of the map. Or if you like a more vanilla experience you can venture out into the wilderness. If you go far enough, you're bound to never be disturbed. This server is really great and all my patrons love it. Come join.

There is a sort of white listing system. You have to email us an application in order to have build rights. Until you are confirmed, feel free to walk around and look at all the stuff.


  1. I would join you in minecraft, but I don't have the game =(

  2. How many people regularly play on your server?

  3. not alot. the most at one time was like ten people at one time. but now there are like 3 or 4 people including admins and moderators who play consistently. Very much trying to get more people in there.