Sunday, June 12, 2011

Minecraft Earth

Oh cool a picture of the earth, you may have said to yourself. Look closer. Look closer still. That is no earth, that is a minecraft world. "One block is one nautical mile" quoth the creator and sharer of this epic creation. The only drawback that isn't a huge problem is the fact that in minecraft, maps aren't round. So to get to Japan from the spawn point in Western North America, you'd have to travel due East for a considerable amount of time. I'm considering replacing my server's map with this beauty, at the discretion of my server owner. Stick around for updates on this beauty!

Also find the forum post here:


  1. That's some good work that, I saw it the other day.

  2. That is absolutely awesome. Must have taken an age :O

  3. That game has some of the most devoted followers I have ever met its incredible