Thursday, June 16, 2011

Source Mods

I just figured out that there is a wonderful world of virtually free games out there, all based on everyone's favorite engine by Valve! Many, including the game I shall review now, are still in development.

Here is my review of the first game I played for a few hours last night, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2

ohh shiiii

Basically the game captures all of our childhood dreams and throws them on a special modification of the source engine. What can go wrong? Well firstly the community that plays it tends to either be prepubescent boys probably masturbating over the fact that they can be a pirate, viking, or knight all in one game, or really hard core gamers who have mastered every mechanic of the game. 

The factions and classes
   There are three factions, each evident from the title of the game. Pirates, vikings and knights you daft man. Each faction has it's advantages and disadvantages. The thing I found though is that not just one faction is ALWAYS over powering the other. In an arena game mode for instance, Pirates with their speed were able to dominate the vikings and knights, until the vikings and knights decided to concentrate on the pirates first then each other. Here is an amateur's break down of the classes and their pros and cons.

    The pirates
Sup dawg
These slippery bastards are fast as hell and are generally a problem for all their opposition if played correctly. There are two classes for pirates in the current beta, The Captain and the Skirmisher.

   The captain is slightly slower than the Skirmisher, but has a bit more power. He has a cutlass, blunderbuss, and hook/parrot at his disposal. Usually the captains game plan is chuck the parrot, run away. The parrot will find the closest enemy and peck and bug them until it is either chopped by the enemy or the target dies. The blunderbuss is not extremely accurate and is comparable to a shotgun. The reload time is slow for this gun. The cutlass is agile albeit under powered.

  The Skirmisher has a Cutlass, Flintlock pistol, and A POWDER KEG to use at will. The Cutlass is as would be suspected, quick, low damage, not very easy to block with. The flintlock pistol holds six shots at a time and is very accurate. The bullet usually goes where you point to. The reload time isn't extremely slow but takes some cover or running away. The powder keg takes ages to light and you can hold it in your dear arms until it explodes if you see it so fit. The fuse is always too long when you need it to explode soon and too short when you need it to explode later. It could be used to clear heavy concentrations of pirates vikings and knights alike however, as the damage is pretty high. Another aspect to the Skirmisher is their speed. They are the fastest class yet in the beta and can run circles around all their enemies.

Stay tuned for the rest of the factions and classes.


  1. Sounds like a great little time waster.

  2. Arrr she be a good game, ya scurvy dog!

    I'm not very good at this dialect orz

  3. Sounds like a good game!

    I gotta expect MUCH from Valve.